BRIQ Bookings

Liberty in leisure

BRIQ bookings is part of the digital revolution in the leisure industry. Not only do we offer a smart and all-round booking system for one activity, we also give you the opportunity go beyond and connect with other leisure activities.

That creates many opportunities for you and your visitor. New combinations are made and your visitor is able to create his own day by booking various activities in one booking. From musea to spas to restaurants. BRIQ Bookings gives you and your guest the opportunity of liberty in leisure.

Freedom in creating a day out

Besides a complete booking system for you, BRIQ works on creating maximum freedom for your guest. That special guest who wants to go out for pancakes after the zoo and wants to end the day with a beautiful boat tour.

We are working on a solution for all those who want to design their own perfect day out. From theme park to restaurant, from museum to water park. That creates freedom in free time. It opens doors for your amusement park, restaurant, museum or other leisure businesses.

The freedom of a digital booking system

BRIQ Bookings has developed a smart booking system in which you can promote and process your bookings digitally. Plus, we make sure your visitors will discover your products and services online quickly. Guests can book with ease and you will receive an accessible overview. That gives you freedom to do what you're best at: doing business.

User reviews

"The primary focus is on a smooth booking process. In addition, the look & feel fits in seamlessly with the offline experience."
Gamecity Zoetermeer
"It saves a lot of time to manage your calendar and bookings at the same time. That is amazing."
Kartfabrique Utrecht
"Onboarding was quick and easy, BRIQ Bookings responded fast and directly added value to our business."
Immersive Almere

BRIQ Bookings makes
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