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Events May 08, 2019
Why you should attend Phocuswright Amsterdam

Phocuswright is the leader in travel, leisure and hospitality research. 14-16 May they are organising an interesting event in Amsterdam that you should attend! This year the conference’s theme is: ‘Empires on Edge’. The established order in the travel industry is on the alert, newcomers and new innovation are shaking things up. Why do you want visit Phocuswright Europe?

Here are our highlights:

1 – Why you should go online NOW

Go online, take that step! More and more organisations are online, because this is what consumers want and where they are. This panel discussion includes Ram Papatla from Be there or be square!

2 – The Google era is not over yet

This talk by Thijs van As is about how machine learning from Google can improve the consumer experience. From the first touchpoint to the end of the customer journey. More insights is more personalisation is a happier customer.

3 – Women’s Leadership Initiative

On Tuesday there is a special session about female involvement in leadership in the travel industry. “Only 30% of survey respondents rate gender parity in the travel industry above “adequate”  and 42% indicates that leathership opportunity are not equal to all employees. This has to change. The Phocuswright LeadHER session will elaborate on this.

4 – The Young Leaders Summit

The new generation is ready for it. During this session, the best and most inspiring travel professionals under 35 gather to share their insights.

5 – Generation Alpha, the children of the Millennials

In this breakout session, Expedia Group Media Solution explains how Generation Alpha (children born after 2010) is already a determining factor for the future of the travel industry and with great likelihood also the leisure sector.

An interesting conference with many insights on how to prepare your company for the future. We at Briq Bookings have already agreed: the future is online, data is knowledge and the customer experience is our drive! Join us in the digital revolution!

Will you be there?

Phocuswright Europe
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
14-16 May 2019

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