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Online growth February 24, 2022
Prison Island at the Kartfabrique

A content calendar gives you an overview of special dates to help your leisure business plan special activity packages and prepare content for your website, webshop, emails and social media in time. 

We’ve created a calendar with interesting dates for the leisure industry around the world for 2022. With this calendar we inspire you to create awesome activity deals and promote them at the right times during the year.

Download this editable calendar, add other interesting dates, regularly have a look at it and get inspired.

If you can’t open a .pptx file, download the pdf version of the content calendar here.

How to use the content calendar?

In the content calendar, we’ve listed many holidays and events that are celebrated all around the world, and some national holidays – recognizable by the flag. 

For some dates, we’ve set a reminder one or two months upfront, so you can already start thinking about creating activity packages or content.

Whenever there’s an event or day for which you’d like to do something, gather information about it and discuss the possibilities with your team. You could create a special activity (package) around this date or simply post about it on social media to inform your guests, engage with them and motivate them to come visit your venue. 

Checklist for using your content calendar

  • Each month, check the dates of the next three months and add the selected dates to your venue’s calendar
  • Check with your team if you should offer a special activity package 
  • Decide which channels you want to use for communication, like your webshop, website, blog, social media, Google Ads and email 
  • Assign a clear deadline for content creation
  • Write content for each channel you’re going to use and select or create visuals
  • Share the content with your guests, so they’re up to date and ready to book your activities 

Have a look at this example for Halloween

To get an idea of how you can use the content calendar for your leisure business, we’ve made this example for Halloween.

  • Date: 31 October 2022
  • Start preparing: August 2022
  • To-do list:
    • Brainstorm with your team about possible activities and parties, like a Halloween themed escape room or costumed laser tagging or bowling 
    • Write content for the activity for your webshop and your website
    • Create a Google Ad, emails and social media posts to inform your guests – you can already create multiple emails and posts you want to share in the coming weeks
    • Check your decoration stock or order decorations to decorate your venue

Briq tip – The subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. For themed emails, make sure the topic is clear at a glance. 

Your Halloween email subject line could contain a pumpkin emoji and a fun phrase, like “Frighteningly good deal: X” or “Are you ready for a spooky adventure?”.

Examples of activity packages around a specific date

Some of our clients already have themed activity packages online that respond to a specific date. Have a look at these deals and get inspired!

R1 Indoor Karting has created a couple of activity packages for Valentine’s Day. This one contains 1 kart race, a 90 minutes challenge in the TimeZone and a heart shaped pizza. The visual with the hearts and the activity title immediately makes clear this package is all about Valentine’s Day. 

Fun Planet added an activity package to their webshop and also posted about it on their Instagram page. The package includes laser tag, wall climbing, mini-golf, dodgem car ride, a pizza to share and slush puppies. In the visual it’s clear why this activity package was created and what’s included.

Include personal days to get more bookings

Besides a content calendar with (inter)national dates, also think of including personal days in your marketing strategy.

For example, send guests who celebrated their birthday at your venue last year an email to invite them to celebrate their birthday again with you two months in advance. This reminds them of you and the fun experience they had last year and increases the chance of customer retention.

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Grow your business with Briq’s booking system

If you’re using Briq’s booking system already, feel free to contact our Customer Success Managers. They can give you more tips on improving your website and webshop to get more bookings. Also, read more about how to use SEO keywords for your business and upselling and cross-selling techniques.

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