Let’s go, IAAPA Expo Orlando!

Events September 11, 2019
Meet us at IAAPA Expo Orlando

Knowledge is power. That’s why it is important to keep yourself updated on the latest trends and insights. So, we’re here to give you a heads up on another great event across the Atlantic! IAAPA Expo Orlando is going to be the leisure event of 2019! From 18-22 of November the top of the leisure industry will be in Orlando! Read more about why this is our favourite event of the year!

Which ticketing system makes you tick

Finding the right ticketing or booking system can be a hard task. Especially, with all the rapid developments in software development. During Sponsor Spotlight: Gateway Ticketing Systems, on Tuesday, they will share 10 factors that will determine the success of your choice of a ticketing system.

Disney talks sustainability

You all know how much we love Disney. We’ve shared an article or two about their recently implemented Project Stardust. We’re very curious to see what Disney has to share on the topic of sustainability. We can’t wait to attend EDUTour: Conserving the Magic – Disney’s Approach to Sustainability on Monday.

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Numbers, your number 1 priority

Are you more into social media and numbers? Check out Analyze This – Tracking Success in Social Media on Monday. Todd Andrus and Kevin McNulty will discuss how to track and define your success over various platforms.

Lunch and learn from the best

During this week-long conference, you can have lunch while getting to know more about FEC (Family Entertainment Center) related topics. Every day another topic is highlighted e.g.: promotion and marketing and case studies. You’ll get the best from the best!

New season, new strategy

How are you going to increase profitability and elevate the customer experience? Yes, you can have the best of both worlds! How? Find out at Raise Profitability and the Guest Experience – Pricing and Visitation Best Practices with Rob Thomas, Jarrid Vaughn and Claudette Vogelsang. Will we see you there on Thursday.

These are some of our highlights of this year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. But there is more! Meet with over 1,000 companies at the IAAPA Tradefloor and exchange your knowledge and insights.

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