Find out how to take the best photos for your FEC with Julian Omonsky

Podcast February 25, 2022

In this month’s episode of Let’s talk leisure Steven hosts Theme Park & Attraction Marketer Julian Omonsky, who has his own company called Admusement, based in Germany.

Julian Omonsky, also known as Monsieur Sky, is one of the leisure industry’s most famous and wanted photographers, capturing fun moments at Family Entertainment Centers, Amusement Parks and any other hot spots where fun is at the core of the experience. 

Great photos get people to visit you

Why does he love his job? Well…It’s kind of obvious. Julian gets to enjoy all the best fun centers in the world while getting paid for it. And he loves how his work actually contributes to more people having fun, convincing them to go visit an FEC or amusement park.

“Seeing people having a good time is why I do this job,” says Julian. Which is also one of the reasons why he prefers to work with regular people instead of actors when taking his photos – in which showing authenticity and emotions are key. “It’s all about that sparkle in the eyes of the visitors.”

His key tip to start taking better photos? “The biggest mistakes are in white balance. People look strange when they’re too blue or too red. You can prevent this with editing. To do so you need to take pictures in raw mode, because that’s better for editing afterwards.”

Thank you, Julian!

We’re very thankful to have had the chance to talk with Julian. He’s clearly a great expert in his field and we’re great fans of his work.

In the end, we couldn’t agree more that  it’s all about conveying emotion to convince website visitors to visit your webshop and book your activities. Of course, booking online is ideal.

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