New Year Special – Let’s talk leisure with Kevin Williams

Podcast December 29, 2021

In this New Year’s Special episode Steve meets Kevin Williams, co-founder of Spider Entertainment – a brand-new company to operate location-based entertainment facilities – and publisher of The Stinger Report.

Kevin Williams explains the history, present and future of smart frictionless and contactless payments and tools for the leisure industry. Pointing out how as a courtesy of technology and COVID the leisure industry was recently forced to embrace frictionless payments.

What’s more to embrace? Online booking software and technology that uses machine learning to improve guest experiences. Kevin emphasizes that everything needs to be connected. 

He then dives into key trends in the amusement industry, such as repeat visitations (customer retention), machine learning, and how important it is that experiences are customizable.

This New Year Special Let’s talk Leisure is a must-listen for everyone who wishes to learn more about the future of the leisure industry and the role technology will play.

We applaud Kevin Williams’ ideas, influence and initiatives and couldn’t agree with him more about the future of tech. Enabling booking customized experiences and automatically scheduling them is at the very core of our business. These types of conversations only highlight that we’re on the right track.

At Briq Bookings we’re continuously working on connecting all the right tools to create a perfect ecosystem for leisure centers to support daily operations with technology.

We’ve also recently published our first ebook on how to gather and use those data insights Kevin Williams eloquently discusses to get more bookings for your leisure venue.

After all, it’s time to start making data-driven decisions and get on board with the right technology!

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