Trends in the escape room industry you need to know about

Leisure industry April 20, 2022
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With new escape rooms opening all the time, escape rooms trends are sure to follow. Playing an escape game is a fun experience, but running an escape room requires a lot of hard work. For your escape room to stay competitive, you need to know about the latest industry developments.

Here are 4 important escape room trends that we see in the industry.

1. The market grows

Did you know that, according to recent data, there are 50.000 escape rooms worldwide? Although this may seem like a lot, the industry is still growing and is expected to grow even more. Many people aren’t aware yet of escape rooms, so new players will enter the market when they discover the industry.

Escape room owners are expanding their escape rooms and more and more escape rooms continue to arise. Escape rooms are still gaining popularity and owners report that the industry is very profitable.

2. The quality improves

More competition in the industry means venues try to stand out with high quality and custom experiences. Escape room businesses innovate every single day with surprising new ideas and themes that you wouldn’t expect to find in an escape room. Escape room owners are enabling VR, interactive technology and even outdoor games. 

3. More reliance on online bookings

While offering an amazing escape room experience is important, your online experience is key to attracting guests. Having a seamless website and webshop has a big impact on the number of visitors you get. Guests expect your venue to be bookable online, and expect a seamless booking flow. Your venue stands out with a fully responsive webshop that lets guests book their experiences in just a few clicks.

With Briqs online booking system, you’re guaranteed to offer your guests the best possible booking experience. Not only do you get a mobile optimized webshop that’s bookable 24/7, your guests can also easily book multi-activity packages, group bookings and all your extras. On top of that, Briq’s booking scheduler lets you set up your own business rules to optimally manage your time slots and capacity.

4. Competition is rising

While the escape room market is still growing, it is also becoming increasingly mature. Especially in the bigger cities, there are sometimes many escape rooms competing with each other. With more escape rooms to choose from, guests’ expectations are high. It can be difficult to find a balance between a competitive price and a high quality escape room. Plus, more competition makes it harder to acquire customers so your marketing expenses will increase as well. 

Not sure how to stay ahead of the competition in the escape room industry? Here are Briq’s top 3 tips to get the most out of your business.

1. Try B2B

Given the maturity of the escape room market, it’s a good idea to develop new channels such as business to business (B2B) customers. Escape rooms give players the opportunity to practice teamwork and problem solving, which makes escape rooms great for corporate outings. Business customers are profitable for your venue, since they usually come in a large group and are highly likely to also buy drinks, food or other extras

2. Work with theme inspired escape rooms

More and more escape rooms add specific themes to their rooms to attract a particular audience. Themes vary from Harry Potter to Prison Break. Movie inspired themes make your room even more exciting by letting guests experience how it is to be their favorite movie character first hand. Horror movies are a particularly popular theme. To differentiate yourself from your competitors, choose a great movie and create a concept around it.

3. Add VR features

Do you recall the huge success of Pokémon Go? This is a great example of the effect that VR can have. The escape room industry has been quick to embrace this technology as well. VR game owners use VR to create fun puzzles and impress their guests with an out of this world experience and immersive puzzle environment. This results in great word-of-mouth and more returning guests.

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