Why all FEC operators should visit IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Events October 13, 2021
Why all FEC operators should visit IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021 - Briq Bookings

IAAPA Expo Orlando in the state of Florida (USA) is without doubt the biggest event in the leisure industry that exists in the world to this day.

It gives you the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about new products, the latest innovations and automating booking and scheduling. The IAAPA Expo is also the place to start networking with the right people. 

Everything you’ll learn and see here is focused on the future of your leisure business, the future of attractions, activities and leisure centers. 

So get prepared for your future with our list of 4 reasons for FEC operators to visit IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Or scroll down for practical information about visiting IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021. 

1. Visit IAAPA Expo Orlando for their inspiring Education Sessions

The leisure industry’s leaders will speak about topics ranging from entertainment to games, merchandise and operations to financial management and information technology. Naturally, they also cover human resources, safety and security. 

There are also many Education Sessions specifically for FEC operators, such as… 

2. Go to IAAPA Expo Orlando to participate in Special Events for Family Entertainment Centers

IAAPA Expo Orlando has organized three FEC lunches especially for you. Don’t miss out on these three key moments to meet your peers and learn from success cases. Here’s an overview of the lunches you should definitely attend: 

  1. Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Lunch: FEC Trends – where industry leaders discuss immersive multi-faceted experiences that keep guests engaged and spending at your venue, for example through booking VIP experiences to increase your average order value.
  2. Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Lunch: FEC operators’ roundtable – where you will discuss best practices and industry challenges during a moderated discussion. 
  3. Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Lunch: Breakout! Overcome Fear, Lead Authentically and Build a World Class Culture – an interactive session that’s aimed to help you take your business to the next level, diving into your challenges, necessary skills, connections and practical tips to help you improve your FEC straight away.

3. Explore new opportunities with over 900 companies showcasing their products on the IAAPA Expo Show Floor

This event is obviously the perfect moment to discover and try out new products and services to help you gain that competitive edge you were looking for. 

You’ll find everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your FEC at the IAAPA Expo Show Floor, whether it’s for your arcade room, lasergaming, karting, bowling, axe throwing, VR experiences, food and beverages or innovative technology, such as multi-activity booking and scheduling.

‍Or perhaps you’re looking for help to start making data-driven decisions to get more bookings?

4. Learn everything there is to know about automating multi-activity booking and scheduling for your FEC at IAAPA Expo Orlando

Multi-activity booking and scheduling software is the hottest software on the FEC market at this moment and Briq Bookings is it’s only unique provider. 

With Briq Bookings’ multi-activity booking and scheduling system your guests can book a complete experience at your venue in a few simple clicks in your own customized webshop.

These bookings will then automatically be scheduled in saving you lots of time, while improving your capacity management through smart algorithms. 

Schedule a meeting to talk about seamless multi-activity booking and scheduling software at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Briq Bookings will of course also be attending IAAPA Expo Orlando and we’re keen to meet you. Don’t miss out on meeting Briq Bookings and schedule in your meeting – including a live demo – now

If you’d like to learn more about our product straight away, simply contact us. We’re happy to discuss what we can do for you through booking, scheduling, integrations and more. 

Practical information about IAAPA Expo Orlando

This year’s IAAPA conference is held at the Orange County Convention Center on the 15th and 16th of November. The Trade show is held from the 16th until the 19th of November.

Tickets to the Trade Show are $139 for IAAPA Members and $189 for Non-members. Tickets have to be purchased in advance. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible, because this event sells out soon! 

Note that tickets for special events are sold separately. You can find out everything about pricing to attend IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021 here

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