September 2019

10 Reasons Why You Should Open Your Own Webshop

Make sure you are wherever your customer is: online! Just having contact data details on your website is no longer sufficient to encourage the customer to take action and to book your activity. Here are 10 reasons why you can't wait any longer to start your own leisure webshop (with BRIQ, of course):

1 - Ready for the future

People like to buy online, so also your activities. Whether that is go-karting, laser tagging or kite surfing. Even 79% of your guests like to book their outings online (Think with Google). Mobile bookings are becoming increasingly popular. These have almost doubled in recent years!

2 - It's simple

Opening a leisure webshop does not have to be difficult at all. And to make it even easier, you can have it made for you. So if you're busy or if you prefer to outsource this, we are happy to help you!

3 - Never miss a booking again

There is a good chance that you will not have someone at your front desk day and night. That is quite expensive. With a webshop, you are available 24/7 for bookings. So you save money and boost your turnover!

4 - More sales

More bookings also mean more sales! Often your guests will not only book an activity but also use your catering facilities. And did you know that when they compile their own booking, they often spend 10% more per booking?

5 - Flexibility for your guest

From your customer's perspective, having your own web store also has advantages. Because you are open online 24/7, guests can book an activity at any time. And believe it or not, many people like to book outside office hours.

6 - Your webshop, your choices

You decide how your little space internet will look like. What offers do you sell? What price and images are included? You can adjust this at any time. A strong corporate identity contributes to a positive brand experience and ensures recognisability.

7 - Direct sales channel

You also sell your activities by telephone to your guest, right? Why wouldn't you want that online? With your own web store, you are in direct contact with your customers instead of them purchasing your activities elsewhere. If you also have a chatbot, then you are definitely on the right track! Having your own online sales channel has many advantages for running your leisure business (see points 8 and 9!).

8 - Insight into important data

Getting a closer look at significant data from your website offers many benefits. This way you have direct data from your guests. What they book, how they behave on your website, which pages they visit or which ones do not. You can use this data to improve your business. You are therefore not dependent on third parties with regard to online data and insights.

9 - Respond to the needs of your customers

Not only do you improve your business, but also the customer experience. With insight into data, you can respond to the wishes of your guests. Personalise the offer or create deals that matches your guests even better. They are more likely to return this way.

10 - Marketing on social media

Share links to your online web store via social media. The use of social media in your marketing is essential these days. By sharing links directly to your activities, your guests will be in the right place, your web store, in one single click. Moreover, it is also cost-effective.  

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Romy is the guestblogger at BRIQ Bookings and has a passion for data-driven marketing. She writes about the latest news in the world of leisure, online bookings and leisure marketing.