November 2021

24/7 bookability - why is it key in today's leisure world?

There’s no denying that being bookable around the clock is essential nowadays. Customers want to be able to book their go-karting, bowling or laser tag activity anytime. 

Fortunately for you, the answer to that is already available. They’re called automated booking systems. Here’s what 24/7 automated bookings mean for you:

1. More bookings and therefore, more revenue

2. Satisfied customers

3. Saving huge amounts of time on managing bookings

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Automated booking systems for 24/7 bookability

Thanks to technology and the internet, it’s increasingly important for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) to be available and bookable 24/7.

Most FEC owners already work long hours, and you’re probably no different. Being bookable all day and every day therefore seems like an impossible task.

Thankfully, technology isn’t only the cause of this all-day-every-day culture we live in. It’s also the answer, namely automated bookings. An automated booking system lets your customers book your venue whenever it suits them. All day, every day.

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More availability means more bookings

Did you know that 35% of all customers book outside of opening hours? Ensuring your website is available 24/7 will thus greatly increase your revenue.

The longer a potential customer has to wait to book an activity at your FEC, the more likely they are to book their experience elsewhere. Every hour that your business isn’t bookable online, you consequently miss out on customers. 

But don't you worry, Briq’s got your back. With a booking system that’s available 24/7, we make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Being bookable around the clock improves customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has everything to do with convenience. Allow your customers to book their day of go-karting when they get home from work, or their bowling activity on a Sunday morning while drinking their cup of coffee. 

Our data show a big peak in online shopping between 7pm and 9pm on weekdays. This illustrates that customers enjoy having the opportunity to shop whenever it suits them. Instead of making customers adjust to your opening hours, give them the freedom to book when the time is right for them. 

You want to make it as easy, simply and fast as possible for customers to make their booking. This is essential for an optimal customer experience. Remember that satisfied customers may become valuable returning customers that could recommend your venue to friends and family.

An 24/7 automated activity booking system saves you time and money

The right online booking system will help you save time on bookings. You’ll quickly see an increase in bookings, but a decrease in the time you spend on them. 

Automated bookings make your business more effective. On top of that, an automated booking system gives you clever insights into customer data to help you to get to know your customers.

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