April 2021

5 Easy Ways to Increase Revenue

24/7 booking flexibility

By booking online, your customers can book as and when it suits them, rather than bending to those booking hours over the phone or via email. Briq also Online booking also means that multiple customers can book simultaneously and from any Internet-enabled platform they have to hand, whether that’s a smartphone at midnight or a desktop at 3pm.

Reduced staff’s workload

Updating and managing your booking calendar, taking payments, checking for mistakes, reminding customers of their booking and managing staff availability. Those are all time-consuming tasks which require a trained eye to ensure that no mistakes slip through. By using a smart booking engine, you’re automating the entire process and on top of that, making the most out of your capacities! 

When booking, guests will only available slots in your venue and pay up front; requiring no staff to do this, and enjoy automatic booking reminders. 

Personalisation: up-selling & cross-selling

A well-known fact is that the key to business growth is having a customer buy one product once and turn it into a customer buying multiple products throughout the online booking journey. 

Before your customer confirms their booking, you can offer a wide range of options for which they may consider valuable for their experience. 

Bundling multi-activities

One of FEC’s challenges is to run their operation as efficiently as possible, as they offer multiple scheduled activities simultaneously. This is what algorithms of some booking systems do best - making tailored schedules that allow your guests to enjoy an outstanding experience. In 2018, the FEC market stood around $18.9 billion and it is forecasted to grow to $36.4 billion by 2024, so businesses better be future-proof!

Deals and offers for less busy days

Smart promotional offers for specific days and times, when your  venue is not too busy are a great way to convert even uninterested customers into customers, who are willing to try your venue because of a good deal. Offering smart deals allows you to attract new customers. For example, Tuesday at  11:00AM is not a very demanded time, so creating a deal for that day and time increases your chances to get traffic at your venue.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our Briq could boost your bookings and order value, feel free to contact us or sign up for a free demo!

Niels is a Growth Marketeer at Briq Bookings and specializes in online marketing for leisure.