May 2019

Booking made easier for entrepreneurs

Does this sound familiar? You are offering multiple activities at your location, which also involves problems of running multiple systems. Not very efficient right? Martien of De Kartfabrique also experienced this problem: "What made it so difficult is that we offer multiple activities - go-karting, laser gaming & Prison Island - and hospitality. This is managed in separate systems that could not communicate. There are so many criteria that it is far too complex and error-prone to continue doing it manually.”

Integration with various systems

BRIQ Bookings offers the possibility to link with existing systems, for example: Lightspeed, Innomer and Lasermax. BRIQ app integrates with the systems that your business uses at the moment, data is forwarded to all your current systems, which no longer needs to be entered manually. It is less error-prone, less data loss, which increases the success of your business. Which means more time for you as an entrepreneur to focus on other priorities

Maintain overview

Do you find it difficult to keep an overview in the various activities or do you sometimes even lose it completely? Do you have to switch between different systems all the time?Something you simply cannot afford on a busy day. It takes a lot of time and energy, which you want for your guests. We at BRIQ Bookings ensure that you'll keep all things clear. At a glance, our software will show you which guests are engaged in which activity. For example, it shows you that your escape rooms are full, but that there are still some lanes vacant on the bowling alley at 3 PM. Convenient, right? Cross-selling like a boss!

Adaptable to your wishes

BRIQ is fully adaptable to your business rules. You can add all your activities to your planning board. You can set your own capacities, times and prices. Other up-sell options, such as snacks and drinks, can also be added. This makes booking much more efficiently, rather than having to adapt your company to other systems. Your demand is our challenge, digital does not always have to be difficult! At BRIQ Bookings we like to keep it simple, for you as an entrepreneur, but also for your guests. We make it more fun and easier!

Are you ready to grow?

Romy is the guestblogger at BRIQ Bookings and has a passion for data-driven marketing. She writes about the latest news in the world of leisure, online bookings and leisure marketing.