Digitalisation of the leisure industry: dawn is upon us

Implementing technology has been a trend for years. However, somehow we have become complacent over the years. No or outdated systems may cause revenue loss, while there is still much to gain in digitalising services; especially in the leisure industry. You would want to offer the best customer experience from the first touchpoint

Much growth can be achieved with the right technology at the right place and time. Generation XYZ spends much time online. Research by PwC show that 90% uses social media regularly. Key focus should therefore lay on meeting visitors at these places. Unfortunately, technology and processes used in the leisure industry are often non existent or outdated.

93% of leisure businesses do have a website, which is a plus since consumers like to plan their visits ahead of time. Strikingly only 29% have booking facilities on their websites. This is a missed opportunity for many business, as so many consumers book from mobile device in advance from the comforts of their own homes.

Some facts for you:

  • Leisure industry 10-15 years behind in technology
  • 90% of Gen XYZ uses social media frequently
  • 93% of leisure venues has a website
  • only 29% has online booking facilities
  • According to ABN Amro's Leisure insights 90% likes to plan their day out in detail; which wouldn't be possible if not for the digitalisation of the leisure industry


Romy is the guestblogger at BRIQ Bookings and has a passion for data-driven marketing. She writes about the latest news in the world of leisure, online bookings and leisure marketing weekly.

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