April 2019

Dutch leisure industry invests in growth in visitor numbers

In recent years, the number of visitors to amusement parks and zoos has increased by an average of 3 percent per year. To guarantee this growth, investment in new attractions, accommodation and VIP experiences is important.

Investments make amusement parks more appealing for visitors. New attractions can tempt a visitor to visit the park. With the arrival of new accommodation facilities, attracting tourists also becomes easier. The Dutch leisure industry is increasingly focused on tourists, especially tourists from our neighbouring countries, Germany and Belgium. As research by ABN AMRO shows.

According to ABN AMRO, payback of investments can be made in an increasingly shorter period of time. Not by increasing the admission prices, but by offering extras to the customer. Examples of these extras are priority at attractions which leads to the avoidance of long queues, and parking close to the entrance of the park or exclusive tours. Amusement parks also talk about VIP experiences, for which 80% of visitors are happy to pay extra. It is therefore important for the leisure industry to develop strategies for digitalisation of their services.

Romy is the guestblogger at BRIQ Bookings and has a passion for data-driven marketing. She writes about the latest news in the world of leisure, online bookings and leisure marketing.