April 2021

How to create a webshop that converts!

The main goal of your webshop is to make sure you have a suitable offer for every customer, so every customer can buy what they are exactly looking for.

These are the 5 principles we will go over:

Deal variety

Let’s get into it!


The more clear your offering is in your webshop, the fastest guests will finish a booking. It’s really important that you look after your prices, texts and images, and that it all speaks your brand language. 

People do pay a lot of attention to the price, sometimes that’s the first thing they look at! So you need to make sure that they are correctly displayed and in a clearly visible way. 

Visuals are catchy and you want them to make guests feel that they cannot miss that amazing experience. If you don’t happen to have good images, you can always arrange a small photoshoot with friends and family to have completely tailored images based on your brand concept. 

Keeping your texts real and to the point will help them navigate faster and understand what you’re trying to convey, even if they scan through your website. 


Guests know what they want. If you give them several filter options, they can find faster the perfect deal for them. Filters such as number of people, date of visit, what kind of activities they want to do, is it a celebration or not, or if they would like special or additional arrangements for their visit can significantly reduce the time of navigation, and increase conversion after all. 

Deal-sorting and variety

You definitely have deals that are more popular than the others. That’s where you want to keep an eye on! Make sure you display those deals that everyone is buying at the top. But wait, how would you know which deals are the guests’ favorites? Well, as a Briq customer you have access to the Dashboard, where you can get insights, on your customer, your overall performance and even at a deal-level. This will also help you when forecasting!

In terms of variety, not everyone has the same budget. Show your guests that you have something for each one of them, for example affordable deals. Those are always hard to resist to!


Offering affordable and catchy deals is important, yes. However, offering different prices on different days of the week and different times. For example, if Tuesdays are not too busy days, you could place cheaper deals on that day, so you attract more customers for that specific day. The same happens with the times; if 11am is not a time where you have a lot of guests over in your venue, create an offering at that time. Briq offers the “deal availability” feature, which allows you to tailor this yourself!

Wrap-up tips:

Always keep your customers and your webshop’s goals in mind and don’t underestimate the importance of a seamless online booking journey! Need help with this? At Briq Bookings, we are more than happy to support you. Just give us a call!