May 2021

Improving your offering can increase revenue. This is how:

In leisure, there are a lot of factors that can affect your revenue. Your product and services, staff, brand exposure and much more determine your average order value and percentage of returning customers. However, Briq’s data shows that your offering is increasingly affecting your revenue. Keep on reading and find out how improving your offering can increase revenue:

Get online. Now.

If you’re not bookable online yet, you probably wonder why getting online is such a big deal for us. Well, it might not be a dealbreaker yet, but not being bookable online could be a disaster for your business in the future. More and more people expect you to be. Already 41% of bookings through Briq are made after opening hours. When your business is not there to embrace these people, they will find a place that is. Get your offering online and make your webshop work for you

Mass customize your online offering

Although ‘mass’ and ‘customize’ might sound like a contradiction, it doesn’t have to be. Your customers want to feel special. They want to experience something that feels unique, while you as a leisure entrepreneur probably prefer standardization and simplicity. Mass customization, in this case, means allowing your customers to choose and combine multiple products and activities in your webshop. These multi-product and multi-activity deals feel tailor-made. Our data shows that most bookings made fall in these categories:

Use upselling & cross-selling

Another method to help with mass customization is by focusing on upselling & cross-selling. This means you offer additional products and services for people to add to their shopping cart. Our data is showing that for every 10 bookings, 3 upsells are added. This means almost 1 in 3 people adds an extra product. This also means an increase in order value is gained by providing the consumer possibilities to enrich their booking.

Treat every guest as a VIP

At Briq, we believe you should treat every guest as a VIP. By allowing guests to customize their booking while offering extras afterward, you fulfill the needs of your guests and stand out as a business. Your offering should represent your business, as it is part of your online presence and customer journey. Fix your offering and it will affect your business in a positive way. 

Niels is a Growth Marketeer at Briq Bookings and specializes in online marketing for leisure.