Is there a breakthrough in digitization and data analysis in the leisure industry?

Digitisation and data analysis have been a trend in today's economy for a little while now. These trends are already being integrated in many sectors, and the leisure industry is one of the few sectors that has not yet taken this step. ABN-AMRO has published an interesting report on that matter.

ABN-AMRO published a report last year on the developments regarding digitisation and data analysis within the leisure industry. Interesting new insights are highlighted and supported with text and figures. The insights relate to the leisure industry within the Dutch economy. ABN-AMRO addresses the following points, among others:

  • Economic climate
  • Challenges in accommodation recreation
  • Battle for tourists is going digital
  • Data analysis

As BRIQ Bookings, we follow these developments with great interest. Are you interested and do you want to know why it is important to run your business as an e-commerce company?


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