November 2021

Learn how to drive more bookings for your leisure business with our free ebook

Nowadays, data is key to making solid decisions for any business in any industry, including Family Entertainment Centers (FEC).

Capturing the right sales and marketing data and using them to set SMART goals enables you to effectively improve your online strategy to grow your business.

Two macro goals all FECs have in common are 1. to get more bookings and 2. to increase your average order value.

Our e-book explains how to read your data to identify opportunities for improvement and set SMART micro goals, while demonstrating which actions you can take to reach your goals too.

The continuous cycle of data-driven improvements is as follows: 

  1. Check your data and set your baseline
  2. Define your macro goals and turn them into SMART micro goals
  3. Identify what you need to improve in your online presence to reach those goals
  4. Check your data to view your results and determine new goals

Touching on benchmarks and best practices for online strategies, your website and webshop, Briq Bookings sets out to help you make data-driven decisions to drive more bookings. 

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Lou Benders is Briq's Content Strategist and focuses on content about Briq's booking and scheduling software, digitizing leisure, the latest leisure trends and online marketing.