June 2021

Save time and automatically send waivers via your online booking system

As an FEC, a go-kart track, or even a big multi-activity venue, because of liability you might ask your guests to fill in a waiver before they visit you. But filling in a waiver takes time and people might have questions. This process takes time and possibly turns into a bottleneck during check-in. Save time and automatically send waivers via your online booking system with Briq when a booking is made.

Save time at check-in
No long queues at check-in. Sounds like a dream right? By sending waivers or other required forms automatically via your online booking system, you save time (and thus money) during check-in. Remove long queues and improve the guest experience by enabling your guests to fill in everything necessary online. Now your staff has time to do what they are supposed to do: ensure the best of class customer experience.

With Briq you can add your favourite online waiver solution like WaiverForever to your online booking process

Choose the perfect time to send a waiver
Automatically sending waivers also means you’re certain the waiver is sent. You can choose the perfect day and time for your guests to receive your forms. Would you like to send it directly after a booking? Or do you prefer to send everything a few days before the actual visit? Choose the perfect time to send a waiver to your guests and start saving time.

Send reminders if necessary
Of course, not everyone will immediately respond or interact with your email. Briq can help you with this. To make sure your waiver is received correctly though, you can send reminders if necessary. Just like the initial email, you can choose the perfect time for a reminder. If your guests also filled in a phone number, you could send them a text message.

Using Briq as your online booking system enables you to smoothen your online process even further. Like increasing your mailing audience or simply increasing revenue by improving your online offering. Give us a call and we’re happy to help.

Niels is a Growth Marketeer at Briq Bookings and specializes in online marketing for leisure.