May 2021

This is how knowing your customers can increase revenue

As a leisure entrepreneur, this might not be the first time you hear someone saying ‘know your customers’. Knowing your customers will indeed help you grow your business, but how? We’d like to share some of our data insights and show you how this can increase revenue.

Large groups book early

Knowing your customers doesn’t necessarily mean knowing their first and last name (although knowing their birthday might be helpful). The booking behavior of your customers before they visit your business is what’s important. Our data shows that the larger the group of people is, the earlier they book. 

Target specific customers at exactly the right time

So what can we learn from this? Knowing your customers provides you with the knowledge and opportunity to target specific customers at exactly the right time. Do you want to send out a special birthday offer? You might want to reach out a couple of weeks before the actual birthday. This way, your data helps you keep control of your marketing budget and reduce unbeneficial costs. 

Smoothen your business, increase revenue

You can smoothen your business and increase revenue, not only by optimizing marketing costs but also by using data like ours to better schedule your employees and plan deliveries. Gaining valuable data insights is becoming more important than ever. It means knowing your customers and smoothening your business processes. Both can definitely help you increase your revenue.

Niels is a Growth Marketeer at Briq Bookings and specializes in online marketing for leisure.