August 2021

Van Het Pad is now live with Briq to offer a spectacular off-road experience!

We’re very excited to announce that Van Het Pad (translates to ‘off the road’) started using Briq’s software to offer their customers a seamless online booking experience. From now on, everyone is able to book Land Rover adventures with just a few clicks.

A unique off-road adventure

Located in the Dutch national park De Veluwe, Van Het Pad offers a unique off-road adventure. The experience starts when choosing one of the Land Rover Tours. During these tours, visitors can choose from a variety of activities, like visiting a farm or picnicking. Follow the off-road map hiking spots and see incredible nature.

Data-driven decisions and perfect scheduling

With Briq, Van Het Pad is able to gain valuable data insights that will lead to data-driven decisions in the future. Also, because of Briq’s algorithm, there is no more need for paper agendas, difficult rescheduling, and other administrative work. Now, Van Het Pad is able to smoothen its business and increase online revenue. 

Be bold, go off-road! 

The experience Van Het Pad offers is unique and unforgettable. Imagine yourself in a 4x4 Land Rover driving through the rough but beautiful nature of De Veluwe. Multiple tours are available. There’s even a Family Pack - perfect for parents with young children. Check out all the possibilities in their webshop.

Perhaps you're also keen to have your own webshop. Check out what that would be like with our demo and find out what Briq could do for you!

Niels is a Growth Marketeer at Briq Bookings and specializes in online marketing for leisure.