Adventure park booking software

Did you know that all your guests could be planning their unique adventures with you online? Briq’s online booking and scheduling software enables multi-activity booking and scheduling for the best experiences.

Ready for an adventure in just a few clicks

Your guests easily plan their personal day out. Automated scheduling and smart algorithms improve your capacity management and show the right upsells.
Wild water rafting
Booking made easy for your adventure park
Your guests now only have to go to your webshop to book their complete adventure with you. Our multi-activity booking system and intuitive booking flow make it possible.
Automated capacity management and scheduling
With Briq’s booking and scheduling software there’s no more need to schedule your bookings. You’ll save time and offer the best adventures for your guests.
More success through online growth
Get more bookings and higher average order values with our help. Our customer success team helps you improve your online presence and sales strategies.

Achieve even more with Briq

Connect to all the tools you already work with at your adventure park

Discover our integration marketplace and learn how Briq’s adventure park booking software improves your guests experience while saving you time.
“We frequently get lots and lots of bookings for just two persons, and things like that. You just want that automated. You don't want to be filling out paper every time.”
Matthew Hill, Director at Adventure Sports
Matthew Hill | Director at Adventure Sports







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Are you looking to be more customer focused, data-driven, save time on bookings, significantly increase your average order value and offer the best multi-activity days out?

Start with Briq’s multi-activity booking and scheduling software.

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