Business Intelligence

Briq provides you with the tools to analyse your performance, know your customer's buying behaviour and forecast precisely. With the Briq dashboard, you'll get insights to enhance what's going well and strengthen other parts of your business.

Fast and intuitive

The benefit of the dashboard is making data analysis easier and intuitive, empowering our customers to tell stories with data without having to deep dive into big data sheets.

Get time back

With a holistic view of the performance, business owners/entrepreneurs can identify areas of opportunity. When you spend fewer hours on data analysis and compiling reports, Briq's reporting and dashboard gives them more time to use data to innovate on new products for your business.

Data-driven decisions

Having accurate data and faster reporting capability provides for better business decisions. Wait no more days or weeks for reports and deal with the risk of data that may be outdated.

Customer first

Business intelligence can directly impact customer experience and customer satisfaction. Using reports and the dashboard, you’re able to identify opportunities to improve your customer service and reduce support calls.

Always two steps ahead

Your business can be more competitive when they know the market and their performance within the market. With Briq, you can keep up with changes in the industry, monitor these changes, and anticipate customer needs.


Our reports cover a wide range of topics, such as number of bookings, periods of time, overviews of products, deals and capacities. Their focus is on transmitting information with a clear view for your business to understand the impact of actions taken and to forecast as accurately as possible.
Complete. Accurate. Objective.

Briq enables you with multiple reports and exports:


All the insights you need to know your business and your customer.
The dashboard will help you you manage the complexity of running a business, by consolidating the most relevant KPIs all in one place; like the total number of bookings, Average Order Value, Total Transaction Value, if they were made online, sales per activity, etc. All these framed in the time period you select.
You will also understand how your efforts are impacting your business, but also will give you a clear forecasting perspective.

With the release of the Dashboard, we’ve combined the power and flexibility of a fully custom analytics solution with a simple interface for exploring and visualizing your most critical data. Now it is easier than ever to follow how many bookings, revenue, AOV, etc. you’re making!

The Dashboard is the start to all kinds of monitoring data and this is just the beginning. There's much more to come.

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