Adventure Eefde: From extra bookings to a flawless booking engine

The Bend Motorsport Park goes live with Briq Bookings

A clear, short sales funnel does the trick

The transition to Briq was a smooth and successful process thanks to the regular discussions with the Briq team and a gradual set up of the webshop. They received personalised and video call guidance throughout the process to make sure they are perfectly onboarded. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen in this short period of time is that the webshop’s navigation is so simple and clear there are almost no questions from customers. After getting a hint of Briq through they opted to implement a new complete solution, so they chose Briq. Now they offer a smooth and efficient customer booking journey.

Is great to always have someone who you can speak directly with to get further assistance.

Ediño Mölders (Director at Adventure Eefde)

Satisfied customers, satisfied team.

Adventure Eefde’s employees are very satisfied with the new partnership with Briq. Now, with the connection to their karting timekeeping system, Innomeer, everything will be running smoother than ever before. We asked Ediño to summarize Briq in three words, and he said: “Does what promises.” “If your current system often has problems or if you are not yet familiar with online booking, this is an absolute must. Nowadays so much is booked online and you just need a well-functioning webshop. That is Briq for us,” said Ediño Mölders.

Briq just works well. Is easy to understand for both the customer and the people who have to work with it. It is clear and you can easily change the availability if necessary.

Ediño Mölders (Director at Adventure Eefde)

Together towards success

There’s no better reward than happy customers expressing how satisfied they are with the positive impact our product has in their business. If you want to learn more about what Briq can do for your business, get in touch with us! We’ll give you solutions, and you’ll earn more revenue

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