Adventure Sports: The journey to improve booking


How Adventure Sports doubled their online sales with Briq Bookings

What started out as cleaning paintball guns after school, turned into a passion for leisure. Director Matthew Hill’s been involved with Adventure Sports for over two decades and still enjoys every day of it. After going off to university to do “the serious stuff”, Matthew got back to Adventure Sports without a doubt. Since then, Matthew has seen Adventure Sports evolve from a simple paintball company into a multi-activity leisure venue with nearly 30 activities.

The vast majority of our business comes through the internet. So, we know we have to have a decent website and a decent booking system to work alongside each other.

Matthew (Director at Adventure Sports)

The journey to improve booking

Being around for so long also means being around when change happens, like the rise of the internet. Adapting early to the internet mid 90’s and switching focus from a corporate audience to the general public after the financial crises of 2010’s allowed Adventure Sports to grow, which also means new challenges. “We ran a custom-made booking system for about 10 years, which was very good. It brought us an awful lot of work from the general public, but it was based on a website from 2008.”

Improving the booking journey became a priority for Matthew, who started to try out multiple solutions. “All had their advantages and some were very good at certain parts. But none of them were comprehensive and they all had weaknesses. Like they were short on let’s say the corporate side or they weren’t flexible enough. Others couldn’t handle the different activities we offer.”

Before using Briq bookings

The old booking system worked fine for single activity bookings but couldn’t handle multi-activity. “If you wanted to book quad bike tracking and clay pigeon shooting, you would have to make two completely separate bookings.” Not being able to combine products and activities made booking online quite the hassle – the opposite of what it was meant to achieve.

“We had this ginormous year planner with little stickers. Every booking which came in we basically put a stick in this year planner. With all the work that came with this, a booking would take about 10 minutes to process.”

But that’s not all, Adventure Sports’ previous booking system couldn’t refer to capacity and kept on taking bookings until they told it to stop. This caused the venue to often have too many people in one slot and too few in the other.

Before using Briq, only 30% of Adventure Sports’ bookings came from online and 70% were labour-intensive phone or email bookings.

By the time we got to know Briq, I was dubious to start with. I had been through the journey of selecting an online booking system about five times now, and I was on my way to finding a developer to do our own again.

Matthew (Director at Adventure Sports)

The need for automating small bookings

Previous booking systems not living up to expectations resulted in: “An awful lot of phone calls and lots of bits of paper being scribbled on. Not very efficient.” And because combining products or activities wasn’t possible for Adventure Sports’ customers, they missed out on sales. “So, yeah, we were definitely losing out on a lot of business because of that.”

Just like most other leisure venues, Adventure Sports tries to appeal to two audiences. Both are very valuable. There’s the general public and there’s the corporate audience, which is preferable because of its higher value.

Corporate bookings, logically, take up more administrative time, but Adventure Sports was always very busy taking on small bookings. “We frequently get lots and lots of bookings for one person, and things like that. You just want that automated. You don’t want to be filling out paper every time.”

Since a few weeks HappyDays’ online booking software is also integrated with Lightspeed. This means that all payments for one booking (for all activities, merchandise and consumptions) will appear on one bill, for both the guests and HappyDays.

HappyDays now has a great automated process. “We’re getting to the home stretch of the implementation. The most fundamental items are running and we’re about to focus on innovation again”, Kevin says.

With Briq, HappyDays has the ability to look into data, for example to find out what activities are most important and how much money guests spend per visit on average. Kevin: “We’re happy with all the new insights, so it could be very interesting to act on this data in the future.”

Briq: a customer-focused solution

In the end, Matthew chose Briq for a couple of reasons. Firstly, by automating small, simple bookings, they save a lot of time and are able to focus on the more complex and time-consuming corporate visitors.

Secondly, being able to sell multi-activity bookings online and add upsells increases the order value and amount of online bookings. “I think we got to about 60% online and 40% admin, so we’re getting there. We still want to push those people to book online, part of this is because of our website. They call if they can’t find the information they need.” ‍

Thirdly, Briq’s support team was one of the convincing factors. “If I was on holiday for a week, I don’t need to worry that if something goes wrong at work, some will be able to contact the technical help or ask the ‘help box’ and get an answer. Yeah, that’s very valuable.” ‍

Lastly, Briq is mobile-friendly and customer-focused. ‍

“We should be looking at the front end: what the customer sees. That is what Briq is good at. 70% of our website visitors are on their phones. A booking system has to be able to handle it.”

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