HappyDays: With Briq our phone finally stopped ringing off the hook

With so many activities and restaurants, it’s important to manage all bookings in one central place

HappyDays started working with Briq in 2020 to reduce the number of phone calls and automatically process bookings in one place.
"The Customer Success team always thinks along with us on how we can best add our deals to the system"
Kevin - Marketing and Operational consultant at HappyDays

Who’s HappyDays?

From go-karting to bowling, restaurants and Fun4Kids - a full-blown experience

Dutch entertainment center HappyDays offers amazing total packages to experience a complete day out. Their goal is to have people of all ages making fun and memories together by combining multiple activities, a drink in between and a dinner in one of the six restaurants afterwards.

With 11.000 m² of activity and catering facilities and over 20 years of experience, HappyDays knows exactly what the perfect day out looks like for families, friends, bachelor parties or birthday parties. They even have restaurants that accommodate any group size, for example a business meeting, wedding celebration or theme party. 

This makes HappyDays unique in the leisure business and very popular with anyone, from people who live closeby to those willing to travel some kilometers for their personalized experience.

The challenge?

HappyDays faced issues with the excessive number of phone calls

HappyDays’ success led to a continuously ringing phone for new bookings. It was also difficult for the employees to manually keep up with  the booking lists. 

As Odette, receptionist at HappyDays, says: “This way of working was too complicated to keep track of and it took a lot of time. When someone called, we first had to fill out a form and after the phone call was done, we had to write the activities and restaurant reservations in the right lists. As soon as your shift was over, the next person would check if all bookings were noted in the right lists.” This meant a lot of extra administrative work, which was – especially in busy times – very error sensitive. 

To have a better overview of all the bookings made, it was important for HappyDays to have them centralized at one place. Because of this and because the phone was ringing all the time, they decided to make the step towards online bookings.

Paintball at HappyDays

The solution?

Online bookings improve the workflow and reduce manual administration

After an orienting phase and trying a different online booking system, HappyDays asked Marketing and Operational consultant Kevin from Red Rocket Online to advise and lead the integration process of online booking software. Kevin soon found out HappyDays needed an external solution: “Which is cost-saving and keeps technical developments at the experts’ hands.”

Someone tipped him to have a look at Briq Bookings’ system. Kevin and Odette both met with Briq’s Customer Success team for an explanation about their multi-activity booking and scheduling software. “It wasn’t tailor made, but Briq was really helpful in making sure we could integrate with our current tools and in updating existing and creating new features”, Kevin says. 

For employees it can be tough to suddenly change their way of working. That’s why HappyDays implemented the online booking system step-by-step. First, they started adding incoming phone bookings through Briq.app themselves, after six months they started with online bookings. As of that moment their guests have been making online bookings in their own Briq webshop

This worked really well for the employees, who increasingly became skilled at using their new online booking system. 

“We’ve had training sessions with the team and I supported my colleagues, so we quickly mastered it all”, Odette says. 

Since a few weeks HappyDays’ online booking software is also integrated with Lightspeed. This means that all payments for one booking (for all activities, merchandise and consumptions) will appear on one bill, for both the guests and HappyDays.

HappyDays now has a great automated process. “We’re getting to the home stretch of the implementation. The most fundamental items are running and we’re about to focus on innovation again”, Kevin says.

With Briq, HappyDays has the ability to look into data, for example to find out what activities are most important and how much money guests spend per visit on average. Kevin: “We’re happy with all the new insights, so it could be very interesting to act on this data in the future.”

The result?

A reduced error rate and fewer ánd shorter phone calls

The first goal Kevin aimed for was to reduce the average time spent on phone calls from 12 minutes to 5 minutes. “I knew we could do even better, and indeed, the average time spent on a phone booking is currently around 3 or 4 minutes.” The use of Briq’s online booking system turned out to be very time and cost saving.

Now they have time to spend on making each experience at HappyDays even better. 

Kevin: “In the end our name is HappyDays, right?”

With Briq Bookings’ scheduling software, there’s not much that can go wrong anymore. When a guest books multiple activities, the smart multi-activity scheduler calculates the optimal program. “Way easier than doing this yourself on the phone.”

Bowling at HappyDays

HappyDays' statistics


Average order value


Combination deals sold


Growth in transaction value since October 2020

Why does HappyDays recommend Briq?

Briq’s customer support and product updates help HappyDays grow

For Odette, one of the employees who gets to work with Briq’s scheduling software, it was very important and fun to be involved in the whole process. 

“We had some complex requests with all the different activities and restaurants, but the Customer Success team always thinks along with us on how we can best add it to the system.”

She’s also grateful for Briq’s help in understanding the system: “I received a manual from the Customer Success team and that, in combination with the communication, worked very well. We were well prepared, and when we really started working with Briq, we got to know the system even faster.” 

Kevin greatly appreciates the way Briq communicates with HappyDays about product updates. “Briq lets me know when something is done, and we can call whenever that’s needed.”

What’s next for HappyDays?

HappyDays gets better and better at combining offline and online

Now that HappyDays’ online booking system is up and running and their guests are able to easily book multi-activities online, their next focus will be combining offline and online. 

Kevin: “HappyDays is constantly thinking about innovations. What if our guests walk out of the lasergaming room and they can scan a QR code that links to Briq’s webshop to book their next activity? It’s the combination of offline and online that could help your business grow.”

Because Briq’s booking system is very time saving, he expects HappyDays to have more time to promote events and new deals, and as a result of that boost online bookings. 

“We want to get rid of repetitive tasks as much as possible and spend this time on creative things.”

“We also hope Briq will grow with us. In the future it would be great to be able to customize the webshop more to our brand and get a bit more insight in your long-term visions, so we can respond to them with our business.”


We’re happy with HappyDays as our client and hope to work together for many more years.

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Do you want to know more about HappyDays and what kind of activity packages they offer? Take a look at their webshop.

One of the restaurants at HappyDays

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