Paintball Hillegom

Paintball Hillegom: 40% online bookings thanks to Briq

Paintball Hillegom, as the largest indoor playing field in the Benelux, is an expert in guest experience. Thanks to Briq's smart booking software, they said goodbye to manually filling the agenda and now, the focus is completely where it should be: unburdening the guest.

Paintball Hillegom x Briq led to


online bookings


bookings out of business hours


pays directly online

Choose. Click. Ready.

Unburdening the guest and radiating professionalism, even outside opening hours; that was the goal. Guests can book their perfect paintball game, laser tag and Crazy Karts in just a few clicks. But what about Paintball Hillegom? Thanks to the online tool, they suddenly have 40% more available time.

“Guests should always be able to reach us.”
Alex Abbink, owner of Paintball Hillegom

No more puzzling

Previously, guests could only book by phone or email, but now, they will no longer get to the voicemail, because all activities can be booked online 24/7. They book where, when and what they want. The booking system automatically searches for optimal availability and occupancy, so no more puzzling with requests during the early hours.

"With Briq I have control, overview and control of bookings without having to plan them myself."
Alex Abbink, owner of Paintball Hillegom

Personal contact

A new booking system is quite exciting and might bring changes with it. Briq's Customer Success employees train and guide your team on everything they need to know about the system and how to use it properly. They understand your company very well, and are ready to help remotely and inform you about updates on the booking system. At Paintball Hillegom, thanks to the Customer Success team, all bookings were transferred within a day and the system was quickly up and running.