Planet Awesome: A good system wins half the battle

Forget about reality while laser gaming

Awesome, Planet Awesome: 68% of people books outside of opening hours!

Briq has given us the opportunity to get the most out of online booking.

Peter (Co-owner Planet Awesome)

A good system wins half the battle

Planet Awesome’s biggest wish was for people to book online as much as possible. A good, short sales funnel helps with this. All information about Planet Awesome’s various activities can be easily found on the website. When people want to book, it is done in a few clicks. The result? A nice online meeting between Planet Awesome and its visitors.

More focus on important matters

Besides quick and easy booking for clients, Briq offers more benefits to Planet Awesome. For example, the clear planboard makes it possible to have a better estimate of the required staffing per day. This allows Planet Awesome staff to focus on important matters, such as unburdening guests.

You don't have to be a whiz kid to understand it, because Briq is easy and clear.

Peter (Co-owner Planet Awesome)

Long-term solution

Embracing a new system is not an easy choice. Briq’s Customer Success team was therefore ready for a smooth implementation. Practical training on location and support during implementation are examples of this. Planet Awesome’s staff now have full control and all the knowledge they need. Briq also offers a growing number of options in the field of integrations. That’s why Planet Awesome chose Briq as its long-term solution.

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75% Of visitors book online
68% Of people book outside opening hours
€61.7 Of AOV from online bookings

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