Pole Position Raceway des Moines: Ready. Set. Growth!

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Pole Position Raceway Des Moines beats the clock with Briq: 449% increased revenue

Thanks to Briq’s smart booking software, and together with Clubspeed, [Briq’s partner and their Venue Management system provider], Pole Position Raceway Des Moines is seeing tremendous growth through an increased average order value (AOV) and bookings number.

We went live on August 13th 2020, and in little over two weeks outsold the entire month of August 2019 by 1009%!

Mark (President of Pole Position Raceway Des Moines)

Ready. Set. Growth!

Pole Position Raceway Des Moines was created in 2013 and is recognized as a strong presence in the karting industry in the United States. It was through Clubspeed that Mark Bonnell, President of Pole Position Raceway Des Moines, chose to start using Briq’s smart booking software. The decision came with the goal of increasing revenue by 200% and online bookings.

An unseen revenue increase

It only took a little more than two weeks of August 2020 to unveil the great results they had achieved. Today, Briq not only enables Pole Position Raceway Des Moines to offer multi-race packages and combine them in order to create perfectly scheduled outings. A highlight for Mark is the increased revenue [449% revenue increase vs. LY], good looking design and seamlessly booking journey. He mentioned that there has not been a single complaint in this period of time that they are using Briq, and describes it as clean, easy to use and hassle free.

I could not be happier with your help and with the system. You rock.

Mark (President of Pole Position Raceway Des Moines)

Guest experience at its finest

Mark expressed that for him it is paramount that his guests are pleased and happy from the very start of the journey at Pole Position Raceway Des Moines, and that is – the online booking process. Guests have personally expressed their complete satisfaction with the online booking journey, and described it as easy, clean and time-saving, since it allows them to package it with dinner or drinks, for example. Hearing this feedback from Pole Position Raceway Des Moines only encourages us to keep working hard to help our customers’ to grow their business and transition smoothly. Having started just over a month ago, the business has secured an enormous growth in turnover and continues to ensure a large amount of bookings.

Personal contact

Integrating with a Briq’s booking system is an absolute pleasure for customers. Briq’s Customer Success team teaches your employees everything about the system and how to use it properly.

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200% Revenue was their initial goal
1009% Of revenue increase. Only 2 weeks outsold the entire month (of previous year).
449% Revenue increase VS LY.

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