SkagaVenture: online bookings are essential for running our business

From an empty lot with a big pile of sand to a successful operating Family Entertainment Center

Dutch leisure center SkagaVenture started with Briq’s online booking system in May 2021 to improve the online guest experience and receive fewer phone calls.
"We now have a complete overview of all bookings and receive monthly reports on our performance, something we didn’t have before. A very nice tool."
Bart Bos (Owner SkagaVenture)

Who’s SkagaVenture?

How a tweet can be the trigger to start a new FEC

It all started around 2016 with a tweet from Dutch cyclist Niki Terpstra – because of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, his son also wanted to go karting instead of cycling. Bart Bos sat on his couch and understood this, kids see their new hero in Max Verstappen. Such a pity there are no more go-karting venues in North-Holland, we used to have a few… 

He did some research, created a business plan, found an empty lot, and 3 years later, in June 2019, Dutch Family Entertainment Center SkagaVenture welcomed its first guests. The leisure center, located in Schagen, offers various activities for all target groups, from go-karting to laser gaming and from trampoline jumping to arcade games.

SkagaVenture also has a warm and cozy restaurant where they serve larger groups or where (grand)parents enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids are having fun. And on Friday and Saturday nights, youth head to the second floor, where they play a game of pool or arcade games and drink a beer before going to the bar.

The challenge?

SkagaVenture received a lot of phone calls for simple bookings

Although SkagaVenture started with online bookings through their venue management system Innomeer from the start, they still received many phone calls for bookings. 

“Around 50% of the bookings came in through phone calls. I knew we could do better because at that time only the basic deals could be booked online. As soon as it was about kids’ parties or upsells, we received a phone call.”

With their system, it wasn’t possible to further optimize the webshop and offer more complete deals, including upsells and cross-sells. So when Briq Bookings contacted Bart to work with them, he quickly decided to use their services after a good conversation.

The solution?

A booking system to further optimize and fine-tune online bookings

Bart and his team were always looking for ways to smoothen their day-to-day operations. How are we going to reach more potential guests? How can we make it as easy as possible for guests to make a booking? Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works several times, and every time they had to start again with an empty calendar. 

They noticed that there was still much to be gained from the combination of social media and online bookings to run fun promotions. So when Briq Bookings contacted them with the message they could help with that, Bart went for it.

Because SkagaVenture continued to work with the venue management system they were used to, Innomeer, not much changed for them. As a result, the transition to working with Briq was very easy and the team only had to get used to a few things, such as setting up the business rules.

“In the beginning, we had to get an understanding of the ideal break time between multiple activities. Sometimes the break times didn’t turn out to be convenient, so we had to fine-tune that.” 

Now SkageVenture has an up-and-running booking system, which combines perfectly with Innomeer and their online marketing partner Clickables.

“If you search for the right expertise, you can use their experience. For us, everything came together with Briq Bookings, Innomeer, and Clickables.”

The result?

A real-time overview of all incoming bookings and fewer phone calls

Soon after their new online booking system and webshop went live, SkagaVentures noticed fewer incoming phone calls and more online bookings. They also saw that more people were booking upsell and cross-sell options, such as beverages, something that wasn’t possible before.

“Questions that come in by phone now are more specific, like requests for special arrangements. People who want to go karting now easily book this online. Only if there are no more time slots left, we receive more calls. But that’s only good because it means we’re fully booked.”

Paying in advance also has a positive impact on the business. “The easier it is to book and pay online, the smoother it will be with us.” In addition, online payments tend to make people forget how much they’ve already spent on their experience. ”If guests booked and paid their reservation online, they’ll still buy something here. That’s a great thing about online payments.” This means the average amount people spend is increasing.

Another big advantage of Briq’s online booking system, according to Bart, is the real-time booking overview.

“We now have a complete overview of all bookings and receive monthly reports on our performance, something we didn’t have before. A very nice tool.” And if an error pops up in a booking, Bart’s team sees it immediately and is able to fix it. “We don’t need anyone else for this, which is great.”

SkagaVenture's statistics:


of deals have an upsell


higher average order value


increase in online bookings

Why SkagaVenture recommends Briq?

Easy to use, worry-free and future-proof

SkagaVenture now has a convenient booking process in place for their guests to easily book one or more activities. All bookings come in very smoothly and are visible in Briq’s plan board right away. 

So if we ask why Bart would recommend Briq, his answer is clear: the system is easy to use, worry-free and future-proof. 

“If someone is on a terrace and says ‘hey shall we go karting?’, they check the website, book, and go.” A great example of how easy it is to book an experience in SkagaVenture’s webshop.

When it comes to Briq Bookings, he’s happy that things are developed so quickly. “If something can be picked up somewhere, it’s implemented immediately. In that way, we can grow with Briq.”

The booking system has become an essential part of SkagaVenture’s business and works great in combination with the other tools they use. “If we optimize our website and position our offering well, and if that gets to customers very easily through the Briq webshop, then we both see good results.

What’s next for SkagaVenture?

Plans for expansion and higher occupancy during the week

For the future, SkagaVenture has plans to expand the venue and eventually wants to have a higher occupancy rate during the week. 

“The goal for the coming years is to expand the go-kart track, so we have more spots there, and on the second floor, I’d love to have padel tennis. This way, we can offer a good range of activities, from fun to classes to sports and on different days and times of the week.” 

We’re very excited to see how SkagaVenture grows and are super happy with them as our client. 

Do you want to know more about SkagaVenture and participate in their activities? Take a look at their webshop and book your next adventure!

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