Smart online booking

In just a couple of steps Briq gives your customer a seamless online booking experience so they can plan their multi-activity day out in just a few clicks. Once the booking is completed, time slots are uploaded automatically in your schedule. It doesn’t get easier than this.


Select one or more activities

Sell multi-activities, deals and services in one single booking. More than 20% of all bookers make an upsell / cross-sell!


Choose your preferred time

Briq displays the best time for your business to the customer, based on your capacities. Your guests can book their multi-activities plus snacks, dinner or any other requirement, and everything will be precisely scheduled.


Book a unique outing based on your needs

Briq’s unique smart scheduler creates the ideal program. This results into optimized occupancies. Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when offering personalized experiences.


Pay online

Receive online payments directly to your back accounts. 1 out of 7 visitors complete a booking in the online shop! Your customers are highly likely to complete the purchase once they have made it to the checkout, which is why you do not want to lose them at that point.


Receive your booking by email

The activities are booked on the chosen timeslots and the availability is adjusted.  Once the booking is completed, time slots are uploaded automatically in your schedule and capacities are precisely optimized.

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