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Whether it is a bachelor party including snacks, single heats or a children's party, you can arrange it all with BRIQ Bookings. Time slots, cross sells, upsells, personalisation. BRIQ Bookings is the booking software for your go-kart track. Go online now and automate your administrative tasks. BRIQ Bookings helps you grow your go-kart business in a simple and powerful way! How? Watch the video here.

Bookings are a vital part of your business. We get that!

How we help you to grow your online success:

Receive more

Offer a better customer experience

Automate the booking process

Save time focus on the
things that matter

Fully configurable, all-in-one booking software

All the tools you need to manage and sell your products online


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BRIQ Bookings has developed a powerful API with which links successfully with various software partners.

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User reviews

"The primary focus is on a smooth booking process. In addition, the look & feel fits in seamlessly with the offline experience."
Gamecity Zoetermeer
"It saves a lot of time to manage your calendar and bookings at the same time. That is amazing."
Kartfabrique Utrecht
"Onboarding was quick and easy, BRIQ Bookings responded fast and directly added value to our business."
Immersive Almere

Increase your ticket sales today

BRIQ Booking software

Personalise experiences for your visitors. BRIQ Bookings designed a powerful API, which enables you and visitors to book different activities in different time slots in one single booking.
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Have BRIQ Bookings market your tickets via the BRIQ Marketing Network. Sell tickets through channels such as Google Maps, Instagram Stories, Facebook and mobile.

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