Ecommerce Manager

Briq's Ecommerce Manager is the central place for all your online bookings . It allows you to handle all kinds of requests and monitor overall performance while shortening the sales cycle.

Manage, build & control everything in one place

Own your webshop

Offer deals at your shop. Based on Briq’s current customer data, 1 out of 7 visitors complete a booking in the webshop. The shop is created in no time and by putting your best deals up, people can easily find and arrange what they are looking for.

Generate traffic

Target the right audience and attract them to your site. Create highly personalised advertising experiences at your venue by putting target audiences into meaningful segments and distributing ads to those segments, based on the activities they like, their age group and booking behaviour.


Track your audience. Tracking metrics help you determine whether your customers are engaging with your website. By knowing where your customers click, and how they navigate you get to know them and are able to serve them better.

Retargeting & retention

Analyse your data and grow your customer base! Remarketing/Retargeting is all about creating personalised ad campaigns, like display ads for example, for users who have previously visited your website or webshop. If you want your digital marketing campaigns to give strong results, you have to be able to offer visitors a second chance to become guests at your venue. This second chance is remarketing.

An outstanding guest experience

Offer an all-inclusive and remarkable experience. Did you know that 85% of customers across all age groups said that customised experiences are far more appealing than one-size-fits-all solutions? Let customers choose what they want, when they want it. It's all about them!

  • Groups consisting of 6 to 9 people book on average 4.8 days in advance. Friends need some time to coordinate. Larger groups of 10 to 19 people have their booking set 2 weeks in advance (13 days on average).

81.5% of bookings

Briq's key features

Decide for yourself if you are ready for Briq and tell us about the challenges you're facing.

  • Smart scheduling
  • Online bookable 24/7
  • All-device friendly
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Easy online payment

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