Get online

Getting your business online is fast and simple, but most importantly it will save valuable time, resources, and it ensures that your guests become recurring clients with more spending desire.

1. We create your webshop

We choose a product to test. This can be your smallest product or one of the most popular. We make combinations of activities and expand the range of possibilities for your guests.

2. Webshop is live and guests can book online

Receiving the majority of your bookings online will become your new standard. This will ensure that you have more control and secured growth pace.

3. Receive lots of bookings

Once the booking is paid, you’re able to send automated email confirmation or notifications to your guests with all the details of their booking.

If you work with a Venue Management system, we easily connect. In that case, bookings will flow back into your system, and you will see optimized business capacities.

Taking leisure businesses from all over the world towards success.


Online bookings


more online traffic


more online revenue