Growth Marketing

Growth marketing isn’t just some new buzzword. In a world where each year 200 billion dollars are spent on marketing in the US, your business needs to stand out with tactics like using customer behavior insight data and powerful ad campaigns.

To secure those tactics, you need loyal, brand champions and you need a strong customer base, which is where the power of growth marketing comes in.

What is growth marketing? In a few words, it’s the use of data and tests to grow your ideal customer list, kick out bad strategies and stick with the ones that have proven, number-driven results.

Top 3 benefits of Growth Marketing:
- Increase customer acquisition
- Increase website traffic
- Boost your business awareness

Briq enables you to run many successful campaigns that generate proven and measurable results, and also provide you with selective solutions that create incredible results for our partners:
The value of a returning customer is €462 per year

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