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Forget about those times that you were busy with phone calls and emails all day. No more missing out on bookings because you were too busy or just not there.

Briq provides an all-in-one, all-device solution for online booking with our multi-activity booking system.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online bookings with Briq

If your guests can't book you online, they're likely to look for another venue for their day out!

Mobile-friendly booking

Your customers want to book you online, on their mobile phones.

Increase your bookings by making yourself available to them online and on all mobile devices.

Simple and functional

Briq’s seamless online booking system makes booking simple. Now all your website visitors can book a complete experience at your leisure venue.

Personalized experiences through Briq Bookings

Our booking and scheduling software enables personalized experiences instead of only entry tickets or single activities.

With Briq
you can truly cater for your guests in the best possible way.

“Since we started working with Briq, we have doubled our turnover.”
Martien Veenstra, company director Kartfabrique
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Your guests book a perfect day out

Give your guests the freedom to choose and stay in control of your experience.

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