Clubspeed, leader in venue management software for leisure and family entertainment centers, has added Briq’s online booking software to its portfolio; a key missing piece to boost the number and value of the bookings.

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Briq Bookings’ focus is primarily on family entertainment centers with multiple activities, so that our smart algorithms can assemble a personalized program for every reservation. By combining various activities, different arrangements and an advanced planner, Briq increases the bookings in number and value for Clubspeed and its customers.

“A booking software is a feature that our customers have been asking about for some time. In Briq we have found a partner where we can cater this demand quickly and well. We are very happy with that," said Romir Bosu, CEO at Clubspeed.

The leisure and travel industry is moving towards unique and special experiences for the public. Access to a single activity is becoming obsolete. Nowadays this industry faces a demanding consumer and Clubspeed together with Briq are taking care of that.

How does it work

1. Briq pulls your activities and its capacities from Clubspeed.

2. With the collected information from Clubspeed and your input, create online deals and define business hours. The shop will be created in Briq's e-commerce manager.

3. Your shop is live and guests are able to make a booking in your shop.

4. Once booked and paid, the booking will be send into your Clubspeed system.

“The system uses a smart algorithm to see where those activities can fit, based on what you want your start time to be, so you don't have to pre-schedule things and then make it available online,” said Chris Webb, Customer Success at Clubspeed.

Benefits of Briq & Clubspeed

This alliance offers a complete package, a V.I.P experience for everyone and massive opportunities ahead. Clubspeed will offer the Briq software to its current customer base and both also aim to attract new customers with this strong proposition.