Easy Reservation Pro

Easy Reservation Pro’s reservation software covers the vast majority of the Dutch bowling sector and also a whole range of national and international companies outside this sector. From community center to bouncy castle rental, from conference center to golf course, from tennis to party center, from beach pavilion to client hotel. Together with Briq, we make the online booking process seamless and easy, completely tailored to leisure businesses.

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By combining various activities, different arrangements and an advanced planner, Briq enhances the booking experience, as well as the bookings in number and value, for ERP and its customers.

"We deliver a piece of custom work that is completely tailored to your company. We build the database and set up the package."

The leisure and travel industry is moving towards unique and special experiences for the public. This is why creating more revenue through customer-friendly marketing and effective business operations becomes a key factor to success, as well as managing customer data in the broadest sense of the word and following customer history at the touch of a button.

How does it work

1. Briq pulls your activities and its capacities from ERP.

2. With the collected information from ERP and your input, Briq is able to create your own online shop.

3. Your shop is live and guests are able to make a booking in your shop.

4. Once booked and paid, the booking will be sent into your ERP system.

"Our objective is to ensure that as many actions as possible are automated in a simple way. The end user is assisted by the software and does not need any specific training or courses to use our reservation software."

Benefits of Briq & ERP

This collaboration offers a complete package, a VIP experience for everyone and massive opportunities ahead. ERP and Briq's smart schedule algorithms create ad-hoc guest experiences and make sure all activities are bookable online 24/7. Now leisure businesses have the ability to upsell and cross-sell online to increase the average order value.