InnoMeer, experts in the area of business solutions for go-kart tracks and multi-activity centers, teamed up with Briq to seamlessly deliver unique experiences to their customers.

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Briq Bookings and InnoMeer's partnership are offering solutions that lift your business to a new level. To manage and plan all the offered events and activities you need the right tools. Tools that fit the type of business that you are running. Together, our solution fits every leisure business: from those with one go-kart, laser-tag or bowling, to multiple of this in any combination.

"A company fitting business solution is not just automating your processes, it's adding value to your business."

From selling tickets to managing large group events all important functions are available in InnoMeer's deskmanager. The deskmanager is scalable in use. Starting from a simple point of sale system to a complete planning and scheduling system, InnoMeer makes it possible. 

How does it work

1. Briq pulls your activities and its capacities from InnoMeer.

2. With the collected information from InnoMeer and your input, Briq is able to create your own, online shop.

3. Your shop is live and guests are able to make a booking in your shop.

4. Once booked and paid, the booking will be send into your InnoMeer system.

“The goal of leisure companies stay the same: offer well organised activities to your guests in order to provide them a visit full of unique experiences and excellent service."

Benefits of Briq & InnoMeer

This partnership offers a well-rounded online booking journey; a smart schedule algorithm creates personalized guest experiences while optimizing your capacity, we make your activities bookable online 24/7 on all devices and the ability to upsell and cross-sell online to increase your average order value. There are huge opportunities ahead and we hope to attract new customers with this strong proposition.