Sit back and relax. Briq and Zapier take care of your daily workload.

There are certain daily tasks that you or your employees should not be spending time on, because they can simply be automated. Instead of checking your email and your booking dashboard, you can connect to Slack, for example, and you’ll receive a notification when a booking is made.

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Zapier is an automation tool that allows Briq to connect applications that involve those recurring daily tasks. Briq and Zapier, together, make your life easier by letting you move information between web apps automatically, so employees can focus on their most important work: Giving your customers the attention they deserve.

For example, you can link Briq to an email, or Mailchimp, and besides getting notified when a booking is made, you can automate emails and your contacts will be automatically added to your mailing list.

Zaps connect the apps you use every day

Among many other tasks designed to solve key customer pain points, and improve the efficiency and performance of the booking experience, the Briq and Zapier integration enables customers to:


Automatically share a new booking to Slack.


Send automatically a waiver if you receive a new booking.


Subscribe new customer to a MailChimp list.


Automatically sends a reminder via SMS.

About Zapier
Zapier is the largest platform for automating work processes by connecting more than 2000 apps. Briq's integration with Zapier helps customers with this automation and streamlining online bookings.