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Booking Experts

Briq will soon integrate with Booking Experts

To make all your holiday park's activities and facilities bookable in one system with the Booking Expert app.


Optimized guest experience

Your holiday park guests can now book your activities from the luxury of their own room using the Booking Expert app.

After booking and paying online, your guests get a detailed personalized itinerary.

Save valuable time

Guests do not have to come to the reception to book their activities anymore. Also, Briq’s smart scheduler spreads your visitors evenly and reduces overcrowded peak times, taking into account the capacity and availability of all your activities.

Increase bookings and upsells

Being bookable online in the Booking Expert app automatically increases the number of bookings for your holiday park activities.

Plus, Briq proactively guides your guests to book more than just 1 activity and shows the right extras to guarantee the best experiences!

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How does it work?

  1. Your guests book your holiday park's activities in the Booking Expert app that they're already familiar with
  2. Briq Bookings' software shows the right upsells and enables multi-activity bookings
  3. Briq's multi-activity scheduling software automatically updates your calendar and manages your capacity
  4. While you continue to have a complete overview in your Booking Experts environment

Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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