New Check-in

Chk-In.App teams up with Briq Bookings

Control your check-in per activity and automate the process by using QR codes. Chk-In.App makes the check-in process smoother for both your staff and customers.

Full control over check-in per activity

With Chk-In.App, you get full control over your activities by having guests check-in for each activity.

Automate your check-in with QR codes

Automate and digitize the entire check-in process by using QR codes. No more paperwork and a โ€œSkip the lineโ€ experience for the guest.

Set-up custom check-in rules

Create product groups and set up check-in rules for each of them. Decide when and how different products can be redeemed.

How does it work?

  1. Integrate Chk-In.App with Briq Bookings
  2. Create groups and set your own check-in rules
  3. Install kiosks for a smooth check-in experience
  4. Automatically send QR codes after booking creation
  5. Get full control over your check-in procedures!

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