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Briq Bookings connects with Clubspeed

Your online bookings will direcly be scheduled into your Venue Management System.


Streamlined operations
Your bookings are directly scheduled into your venue management system. This saves your staff valuable time.

Better use of your venue
Maximize the way you use your capacities. No more off-peak dips or awfully long waiting lines.

A better customer experience
Offer personalized  customer experiences with our smart Clubspeed & Briq integration.

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How does it work?

  1. Clubspeed communicates your activities and capacities to Briq.
  2. This information and your input helps you create the best online deals for your webshop.
  3. In your webshop your guests can book you online.
  4. Once booked (and paid), these bookings are sent to your Clubspeed system.
  5. Your system will update your availability so that your guests can continue to book their experiences at the right time!

Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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