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Google Analytics

All data in one place with Google Analytics

Analyze. Optimize. Get more bookings. Repeat. Briq Bookings and Google Analytics are all you need to grow your revenue


All data in one place
In your Briq engine you can directly see your Google Analytics data and your Briq data about your bookings.

Know exactly what's up
With this integration you can link conversion rates to the number of bookings to really make percentages concrete. We do the same for average order values and more!

Make data-driven decisions
With Google Analytics and Briq Bookings' Data insights you can make the right data-driven decisions to grow your business.

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How does it work?

  1. You're interested to learn from your data
  2. You open your Briq booking and scheduling system
  3. You go to your Data insights and have a complete overview of all the data Briq and Google Analytics have gathered for you
  4. You now know how you're performing, who your target audience is, how large your groups are, your conversion rates, and more.

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