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Google Calendar

Schedule your bookings with Briq Bookings and Google Calendar

Keep track of your schedule with Briq Bookings sending your bookings directly to your Google Calendar


An up-to-date calendar
All new and changed bookings will automatically be update in your Google Calendar.

Keep the overview
You can keep the overview of your schedule in Google Calendar as well as in your Briq scheduler. Rest assured that you won't miss any bookings!

Your preferred work flow
You can use the calendar of your preference to keep track of your schedule with Briq Bookings x Google Calendar.

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How does it work?

  1. Your visitor makes an online booking for a fun day out at your venue
  2. Your booking appears in your Google Calendar  
  3. Now you're up to date and know what to expect on any given day, simply checking the calendar you've always worked with
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