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Operations made easy with InnoMeer

Simply scheduling your online bookings into your venue management system


Operational excellence
To save your staff time, your bookings will automatically be sent to Innomeer.

Maximize your capacity
With Briq and Innomeer you’ll know which activities to push and how to use your capacity in the best way possible.

Focus on your customers
Opt for unforgettable customized experiences with your Innomeer & Briq integration.

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How does it work?

  1. Innomeer sends information about your capacity to Briq
  2. Based on this information you can create and prioritize the best deals in your Briq webshop
  3. Here your visitors can book your experiences online
  4. Your (paid) bookings will be sent to your venue management system Innomeer
  5. Now Innomeer can update your capacity for your visitors to keep on booking your experiences whenever you have availability!

Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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