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Communication via SMS is easy with Briq Bookings and MessageBird


Easy communications
Build your communication solutions with Briq Bookings' integation with MessageBird.

Booking confirmations
MessageBird enables you to confirm your bookings via SMS and send reminder messages to reduce no shows.

Optimize your experience
A few hours before the experience starts, MessageBird automatically sends out text message reminders ánd you can use it to ask for feedback about the multi-activity experiences that you offer

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How does it work?

  1. Your visitor books your activities on desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  2. Their confirmation shows up in their email inbox and via SMS
  3. A day or a few hours before the experience will take place, your visitor is reminded of his booking with a simple text message
  4. After a uniqe day out, your visitor gets an SMS asking for valuable feedback about their experience

Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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