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Simplify online payments with Stripe

Your bookings' payments enabled and made easy with Briq Bookings and Stripe.


Payments in advance
Your visitors simply pay in advance in your Briq webshop. It's easy for them and will improve your cashflow.

Many possible payment methods
Checkouts will be easy and smooth – supporting global payment methods and adapting to your visitor’s language and device.

Save time with Stripe
Get all your bookings to show up and stop wasting time on payments at your venue with our Stripe x Briq integration.

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How does it work?

  1. Your visitors select and book their experience at your Briq webshop.
  2. They can pay online with their preferred standard payment option (or choose to pay on site).
  3. When paid online, their payment will be processed and sent to your venue within 7 days or monthly.
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Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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