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Get Briq Bookings' Twilio integration for automatic SMS

Easily send text messages with Briq's integration with Twilio


Send important information
You can now send important information via SMS to all your customers using Briq Bookings' Twilio integration.

Confirmations and reminders
Automatically sending booking confirmations and reminders via SMS will help you reduce the number of guests that do not show up after booking

Improve your experiences
By automatically sending out a request for feedback too, you'll learn what you can do to optimize the experiences you offer.

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How does it work?

  1. On a desktop, tablet or mobile phone your visitor books your activities in Briq's webshop
  2. This booking gets confirmed via both email and SMS
  3. Your visitor will also receive an automatic reminder about his booking before the day arrives
  4. Afterwards, a text is sent to ask your visitor for feedback to improve your experience

Your customer journey - from booking to payment


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