Get your waivers signed quickly with Briq and WaiverForever

Briq Bookings and WaiverForever easily get your waivers signed online

Online waivers

Your waivers will be available online and can be signed anywhere, at any time, after your visitors have completed their booking in Briq’s seamless booking flow.

Reliable, secure and easy

Your data will be stored safely in WaiverForever’s database and your visitors can sign your waivers in multiple ways – online or offline.

Emails and analytics

Briq’s integration with WaiverForever enables automatic emails about your waivers and WaiverForever gives you insight into your real-time waiver analytics.

How does it work?

  1. Your visitor selects activities for a unique fun day out
  2. After booking, your visitor automatically receives your waiver
  3. You’ll receive this waiver once your visitor has filled it in
  4. You don’t have to worry about safe data storage, because these waivers are encrypted by WaiverForever for security

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